About Us

We started our first homestead and eventual small farm business in 2018 when we moved from our rental home in Austin, Texas to a rural 4 acres outside of Bastrop, Texas. Quickly realizing this lifestyle embodied everything we felt like we had been missing, we dove headfirst into farm life.

Having very little experience in agriculture prior to our crash course in homesteading, we sought out likeminded mentors and friends in the community who also held a passion for growing and supporting local food. The more we learned, the deeper we got and the more certain we felt that this was our life's calling. 

In 2021 we sold our homestead in search of a larger property where we could expand our offerings and hone our farming skills. We settled down on a beautiful 64 acre property in the heart of Texas Hill Country in July 2022. We are so excited to share our farm offerings with Central Texas in the years to come.