Heritage Bourbon Red Turkeys

2023 Update:

Due to weather & availability challenges, we will be offering pastured, whole Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. Our new Bourbon Red breeding flock is expected to arrive too late in the season.

We are planning on having Bourbon Red poults and hatching eggs available locally Spring 2024, as well as whole Thanksgiving heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving 2024. Thanks for your patience as we grow!

Bourbon Red Turkeys

After introducing turkeys to our motley crew of poultry and waterfowl in 2018, we immediately fell in love! Turkeys are the gentle giants of the barnyard. They're inquisitive and goofy - such a pleasure to raise! We place a huge emphasis on docility in our flock because we want everyone to enjoy raising turkeys.

After raising many different heritage breeds of turkeys in the past, we've decided to move forward and focus on a single breed - Bourbon Red.

These stately, rust-red birds are certainly eye catching! They make beautiful "yard art" as well as a succulent, flavorful bird for the holiday table.

Before the introduction of today's modern hybrid turkey breeds like the Broad Breasted Bronze and White, the Bourbon Red was an important breed in the commercial turkey space. By choosing to raise these majestic, sustainable birds we hope to preserve the breed for future generations to enjoy. The industrialization of the poultry industry has driven many heritage breeds through the years to the brink of extinction. With the help of small farmers all over the world, these diverse and unique breeds can be saved.

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