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Pork Fat

Pork Fat

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Pork fat is AWESOME! Rendered into lard, this fat makes a great cooking oil for frying or searing/sautéing - I even add it to my pie crusts to make them extra flaky. 

~5-6 lbs per package

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How to render lard:

Thaw pork fat slightly so that it is still mostly frozen, but easily broken up and cut into small pieces. If you have a meat grinder, grind the frozen pork fat into smaller pieces for quicker rendering. 

Cook pork fat over *very* low heat (an instant pot or slow cooker is great for this!)

Gradually strain off the pure fat throughout the day through a cheesecloth or sieve and add it to clean jars to harden. You can let the pork fat render throughout the day until all pieces are melted. 

I like to keep my jars of lard in the fridge so they last the longest. (Up to a 6 months-year). 

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