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Whole Hog Deposit

Whole Hog Deposit

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We have a limited number of pork shares for September & October 2023! **Please read through all of the description!!** LOCAL PICK UP IN TEXAS ONLY

This pork comes from our heritage pigs that live their lives 100% outdoors and on pasture. They eat a mix of non-gmo, non-soy locally milled swine pellets.

This non-refundable deposit will hold your hog & processing spot for you. The deposit amount will be subtracted from your final price. 

The remaining price of the meat is based on the pig's hanging weight at the butcher. A whole hog can range anywhere from ~175-250 lbs hanging weight and is $6.50/lb. (Total price: ~$1137.50-1365.00)

I have a basic cut sheet that includes our most popular pork cuts as a guide, but you are free to make changes to that sheet. We will go over it together before the pigs are dropped off with the butcher. Your cost includes all the basic fresh cuts as well as the curing of your bacon if you desire it. Sausage, curing of large cuts (hams), and tenderizing will be added to the base cost of your processing fee based on the butcher's per pound cost if you want any of these services. 

Expect your whole hog to take up ~6-7 cu ft of freezer space. 

Pick up @ our farm in Pontotoc, TX (free) or we can work out delivery/pick up point depending on your distance (up to 80 mi, small delivery fee will apply depending on location).

If you have any additional questions please send me an email and I'd be happy to walk you through any of the process!



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